Devil’s Kitchen

A lifestyle Western Fusion café nested in a cosy corner in the western part of Singapore. We serve a wide range of delicacies, infused with ingredients that’s 100% a taste of Singapore.

Quality | Passion | Pride

Premium Ingredients

Genuine Receipe

Delicious and Healthy

Cooking is Art

“Like the work of a true master, the creation of a dish based on a never-before tasted recipe entails meticulous planning, the best available raw materials and careful execution at the hands of an expert. If it is done in a certain way, cooking is a form of fine art.”

The irresistible Devil’s Signatures

Devil’s Signature Chicken chop with Black Pepper Sauce
Garlic marinated wholesome chicken leg grilled to perfection and topped with our homemade black pepper sauce

Grilled Chicken Burger
Wholesome grilled chicken topped with cheese, crunchy mesclun salad and poached eggs

Devil’s Signature Mid Wings
Garlic spiced marinated wings floured & fried till golden crisp. Our proud creation for your best appetizer!

Black Pepper Ribeye Steak
200 grams of U.S selection premium ribeye cut served in homemade back pepper sauce

XXL Chicken Cutlet with Creamy Mushroom (Original/Spicy)
An all time favourites in our very breading and we ensure that it is crispy, tender & juicy.

Fish & Chips (Original/Spicy)
Fresh dory fillet battered with our special recipe and fried till crisp and golden brown.

Devil’s Jumbo Platter
Jumbo platter with Devil’s Wings, Popcorn Chicken, Crispy Fillet, Shoe String Fries and Green Shelled Mussels.

Creamy Chicken Spaghetti
Country style marinated chicken chunks tossed with capsicum and cream sauce

Salmon Steak with Signature Mushroom Cream Sauce
Freshly selected Norwegian Air Flown Salmon grilled till crispy on the outside and tender on the inside for that extra whomp! Topped with our traditionally prepare Mushroom sauce

The Fusion Quesadillas
Generous servings of mozarella cheese, onions, tomatoes, olives and selected meats wrapped in tortillas and pan fried till crisp & crunchy. Serve side with our homemade guacamole dip.

Our Pride in Serving you

We understand dinners too! We know everyone loves a comfortable and enjoyable dinning experience. Our friendly servers and managers are always there to help you through the whole dinning journey with us. We take pride and responsibility in the food you eat and the service you get. Let us host you and your loved ones today!

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